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Don't have a cow, man!

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Oli C

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PostSubject: Don't have a cow, man! Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:23 am

In the wake of the current horsemeat scandal a greater wrong is being cleverly covered up by ministers and the press alike. The true scandal is not so much horse dna being found in ready meals, hospital and even school dinners, but rather the fact that the British way of life has allowed this to happen at all.

Compare any supermarket on the continent to any supermarket in Britain and one glaring difference immediately becomes apparent. Instead of rows upon rows of convenience ready meals the continental supermarket stock something that British consumers seem to baulk at the very idea of;

Fresh produce.

Yes I know it sounds highly irregular to British readers but please bear with me a moment as I explain. On the continent people actually buy raw ingredients and...COOK THEIR OWN MEALS! So far to date there have been no reports of a leg of Black Beauty masquerading as a leg of lamb. There have been no reports of horsemeat dna found in a pork chop. There have been no reports of nagburger and chips being served to kids at lunchtime.

The answer to the current horsemeat scandal is not to prosecute those at fault but to reexamine and reassess the way Brits view food preparation and food consumption in general. Schools are failing children by not teaching them the necessary basic cookery skills needed to survive. Humans seems to be the only species on the planet who do not, as a matter of course, teach their young how to prepare and eat food.

Until Britain changes it's entire perspective on food scandals such as horsemeat dna in economy meals will become more and more commonplace. The sad ironic thing about all of this is that the traces of horse found in some of these ready meals probably have more nutritional value than the bovine lips and assholes people are complaining that it's replaced.

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Don't have a cow, man!

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