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It's a hard knock life

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Oli C

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PostSubject: It's a hard knock life Tue May 21, 2013 5:37 am

Hot news this week is the planned 20k pay rise for MP's which has sparked a huge backlash. However I don't think people quite really appreciate just what a difficult and taxing job being a member of parliament really is.

I mean, it must be sheer hell having to travel to Whitehall every day to drink in those heavily subsidised bars. Those bottles of whiskey and beer don't consume themselves y'know. Then of course there's the obligatory packet of pork scratchings which is a game of Russian roulette in itself. An MP could drop stone cold dead of a heart attack at any time.

And don't think it ends there when the MP slowly drags themselves off the bar stool to skulk off back home. The mental gymnastics involved in coming up with new and innovative ways to claim expenses is a 24 hour job. It's not uncommon for these poor MP's to fall asleep at night worrying and muttering about the moat needing to be cleaned.

Then of course you have the stress of having to plan endless holidays in the French Riviera. It's not easy negotiating the website for Eurostar and if one isn't careful over which boxes they click one could find themselves experiencing the horror of sitting in economy instead of first class.

Sometimes the British public can be incredibly ungrateful. I mean...we get to keep almost a whole third of our working wage. That's plenty of pocket money to spend on drugs and internet connections to watch porn on. What else do we really need??

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It's a hard knock life

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