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War is Hell

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Oli C

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PostSubject: War is Hell Sat May 25, 2013 4:10 am

There are few people that can possibly have failed to be shocked by events in Woolwich. The enduring image of the horrific act that took place will forever be that of the killer staring into a camera lens with blood on his hands.

I think you need to also ask however just how much blood has our Government got on their hands?

If these two murderers were the weapon that killed this soldier then the Government were certainly the hand that wielded it. Unlawful invasions, illegal occupations; how many innocent lives have been lost in the Middle East? How many other families of killed young soldiers are mourning?

There is a well known saying that War is Hell and now that it has finally arrived on our doorstep the public can see the real bloody consequences of our Government's actions and see what it really means when the press tell us yet another soldier is dead as they print a picture of him smiling in ceremonial uniform.

How many families were left grieving in Baghdad on the night of America's "shock and awe"? How many families have lost loved ones to Western drones being controlled by a soldier hundreds of miles away who views taking a life in this manner no different to playing Space Invaders?

This is an isolated incident in the UK but such atrocities have been commonplace in the ME for the past 10 years. You can't give a man a reason to hate and then criticise them for going right ahead and hating. It's one thing to read about a soldier being blown up in Iraq, it's something quite else to see them being killed right in front of you on your doorstep. One of the killers said and eye for an eye. How many people have stopped and really thought about what this really meant? Before the UK decided to grab on to the warmongering coat tails of George dubya Bush I don't remember the UK having any problem with Islam.

Of course the media have their own agenda and this whole episode is being turned into propaganda to justify another invasion into the ME as the anti-Muslim bandwagon gathers pace; this time into Syria and then possibly finally into Iran.

Open your eyes people and look beyond the blood to what is really happening.
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War is Hell

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