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Benefits - A right or a last resort?

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Oli C

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PostSubject: Benefits - A right or a last resort? Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:42 am

When my family moved to London from Venice there were six of us living in a tiny two up two down. Despite this the floors were always vacuumed. Dishes were washed dried and put away every night. We didn't scribble on the walls. The toilet was always immaculate. We always wore clean clothes. How was this achieved? By having a strong mother who went out to work 6 days a week and taught her kids to be responsible enough to be able to fend for themselves until she got home at 7.

Before you can ask others for help you have to be able to show that you are doing everything possible to help yourself. Self respect costs nothing. It doesn't matter how many of you live in a room you''ll all only live like pigs for as long as you choose to.

This family epitomise everything that is wrong with Britain.


This woe is me attitude instead of simply accepting that life can be tough and to make it easier you have to get off your backside and do something about it. Nothing is given away for free and welfare benefits should not be considered a right but a last resort.

This family don't "deserve" anything. Nobody "owes" them anything. I really couldn't care less if they spend the rest of their lives living in squalor. Why do they think I would possibly ever give a flying radioactive fig about their kids as much as they do? It's their own job to provide for the offspring this cretinous couple produce and not mine. Overly fertile? How about giving your other half a knee in the balls and firmly telling him there's no action for them until they can find themselves a real man to attach themselves to?

Now unless they are trying to make sure they always have a roast to fall back on at Christmas at what point do they intend to stop having children? At what point will the little ligtbulb go off in their heads and they realise that having children costs money and that you don't get pay rises and pension plans with your Giro every fortnight.

You want a bigger flat? Cancel the Sky subscription, stop living off takeaways and cheap booze, and go out a get a fucking job cleaning toilets somewhere. And before they play the "I can't afford childcare" card let me make my thoughts on this perfectly clear.


Everyone can always find someone who can babysit and if you can't either teach your kids to behave in a responsible manner and look after themselves until you get home from work or beat the living shit out of them until they fucking learn to.
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Benefits - A right or a last resort?

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