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Musical "experimentation"...

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Oli C

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PostSubject: Musical "experimentation"... Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:03 am

" I'll rape you on your birthday. I'll stick a dirty needle in your eye."

These are the lyrics of a (very poor) rap posted on YouTube by Da Phantom a.k.a Chris Fountain a.k.a the talentless twerp on Coronation St that used to be in Hollyoaks. Now he's been sacked for his so called "musical experimentation"...

What does "experimenting with music" even mean? I've never heard such a brainless excuse. When I was his age and I wanted to "experiment" with music I went out and bought a greatest hits compilation by The Doors and I listened to it while getting nicely stoned.

There are a few of his, ahem, performances, still on YouTube and in fairness it does look and sound like teenage boys messing about. Had it stayed in the privacy of his own room it would be no business but his.

The problem is he decided to make it public. Why? Did he think P Diddly Do Dah was going to see it, think OMG this kid is a superstar, and sign him up to his record label? Or maybe he thought he would gain some kind of underground cult following and his music would be played in some smoky illegal club in Soho? Chris Fountain aka The Phantom, rappin' bout der evils of der establishment, innit?

The only two possible reactions anyone can have to these so called raps is laugh at the absurdness of it all before shaking their head pityingly at him. Little middle class white boys have got to stop trying to be Gangsta. Only someone who has never experienced or seen the true horrors of life in an underprivileged environment would ever think it is something to glorify. What these little idiots don't seem to understand is that people like Snoop, Dre, Tupac etc don't rap about the things they do because they think it makes them look cool. They rap to bring the problems that society so often tries to sweep under the carpet to the attention of those who have the power to make changes. You can't ignore a problem when it's being pumped out of a stereo speaker at 200 decibels. It's time these middle class wannabe "gangstas" began to understand this and stopped trying to be something they so clearly aren't.

The producers of Corrie have stated that their only problem now is thinking of a credible way to write him out of the soap. I would have thought it obvious...

Have his character gang raped and then murdered by drug addicts.
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Musical "experimentation"...

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