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Postcard from a PM

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Oli C

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PostSubject: Postcard from a PM Sat Aug 24, 2013 12:51 am

Dere Nick

Havin a luvly tyme here in sunny Porchoogal wiv the missus. Wevver is luvly and hot. Yesterday the missus let me go on a donkey ryde on the beech and I wasn't scared at all and I did not cry wonce. It was greyt. The missus sed she was very prowd of me and for beein so brave I am allowed to go on the go karts tomorro but I must not dryve to fast like last year wen I crashed and hurt my knee and needed a plarsta. This mornin I went swimmin in the see and I saw a big crab and it chaysed me in the warter but I manajed to swim away. The missus sed I am the bestest and fastest swimma she has ever seen. To-nyte she sed she will take me out for fish and chips for beein such a good boye. Wish you and Georgie was here.


Ps remember to tel evryone that we are stil in it togevver.

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Postcard from a PM

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