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Cameron - You got served!

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Oli C

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PostSubject: Cameron - You got served! Sat Aug 31, 2013 5:14 am

Ouch! That's gonna hurt...

Yesterday David Cameron was defeated in an historic Commons revolt which made it clear that bombing Syria is simply not an option. Finally a victory for common sense it would seem. This morning Cameron will be licking his wounds and trying to salvage any remnant of his tattered leadership. Calls are being made for his resignation and rightly so. The electorate did not vote for a Prime Minister that spends more time sunning himself on the beach than he does sat behind his desk at No.10. This is not the leader that will help Britain recover from the financial mess it currently finds itself in. The biggest drain on the British economy over the past 20 years has been warfare. Unlawful invasions and occupations have cost the country billions with nothing to show in return.

Britain has no place in Syria. That's not to say it can't offer aid and temporary sanctuary to those that genuinely need it. It just means that Britain has no reason to add to the bloodshed with a bombing campaign alongside the American war machine.

I'm getting sick of the threat of this so called special relationship with the USA being damaged. What special relationship? All it seems to consist of is Britain dancing to America's beat any time they come calling. If America was a crazed professor then the UK would be their Igor.

Does the USA offer the UK special trading rights in return for this special relationship? Does the USA offer UK workers preferential employment opportunities? Britain isn't America's "friend" because America only cares about Americans. Does Cameron really believe that America even gave a moment's thought to Britain's position in Europe before calling upon Britain to lock and load the fighter jets?

Britain is not the 51st state. We are a European country and European interests should come before any feelings of loyalty or duty to the USA. America makes great cheeseburgers. America makes great movies. America makes great music. That's where the "special relationship" should end. Our neighbours are France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany and Russia. These are the nations we should be courting in return for better trade deals that will benefit the British nation and economy. From a European diplomatic and economic perspective the last thing Britain needs now is bad relations with Russia.

The War on Terror has raged now for over a decade. Despite this the threat from Middle Eastern terrorism is as great, if not even greater, than it has ever been. Clearly the plan to eradicate extremism with even more oppression isn't working.

It's time for a fresh approach. It's time to bring the last remaining soldiers home and it's time to focus on the problems in Britain that affect the British people.
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Cameron - You got served!

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