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Ariel Castro cheats Justice one final time

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Oli C

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PostSubject: Ariel Castro cheats Justice one final time Thu Sep 05, 2013 1:11 am

This is why he should have been given the Death Penalty.

Many people argue against the Death Penalty on the grounds of possible miscarriages of justice. However in cases such as this when there is no doubt whatsoever as to guilt surely there is a place for capital punishment in our society.

Castro should not have been permitted to end his life on his own terms. His suicide makes a mockery of the entire justice system. Not only did he cheat those three girls out of a normal life but he also cheated them out of the justice of seeing him pay the ultimate price for his crimes towards them.

Some may say well he's dead now so what difference does it make and those that do miss the point. It should not have been his decision. His last moments on this Earth should have been filled with society's condemnation that what he did was wrong and that the society was punishing him by taking away the most precious thing any of us possess. Castro is not dead because of what he did. Castro is dead because he chose to die and therein lies the crucial moral difference.

His victims are now free from his forced incarceration but they will never be free from the monster.. Castro will live on in the nightmares of his victims forever.

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Ariel Castro cheats Justice one final time

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