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Let Them Eat Turkey Twizzlers

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Oli C

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PostSubject: Let Them Eat Turkey Twizzlers Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:19 pm

George Osborne was today accused of trying to con Britain into believing that the economy had finally “turned a corner”.

The Chancellor boasted that his plans were “working” but critics said he just showed “staggering complacency”.

It is a well known psychological phenomenon that when you repeat something enough times you will eventually begin to believe it's true.

Not only is this speech delusional and inaccurate it is also a huge insult to the millions of people struggling to stay above the breadline. The lack of acknowledgement by the Chancellor to the increasing levels of poverty in the UK is not only woefully self indulgent but also incredibly alarming. At what point will the Government concede that their austerity measures have failed miserably and have only served to make the problem even worse? How much more does the Chancellor think the average working man can be squeezed?

The electorate is fed up of being lied to. Britain is not a nation of fools. Money is being squandered on overseas aid/bribery that isn't needed, unlawful invasions and occupation of middle eastern states, inexplicable tax breaks for the rich, undeserved pay rises, expense allowances and generous pension plans for ministers above the rate of inflation, new rail projects that the country simply does not need, Royal jubilees and weddings, state funerals, and neverending EU contributions to support lazy Greek farmers who want to retire at 50.

Government spending remains at an all time high. The only difference between this coalition Government and the previous Labour cabinet is where the money to finance all this spending is coming from. Whereas Labour simply printed more notes when they couldn't borrow anymore the coalition are driving the disabled to suicide by cutting their benefits, taxing drivers off the road, systematically destroying the NHS, and slashing the budgets of essential public services. Police stations are closing. Fire departments are closing. A&E departments are closing.

All this happening as the Prime Minister enjoys a jolly in Portugal while at the same time having the nerve to preach to the people that are lucky to even afford a weekend in Butlins that "hardworking people deserve a holiday." Not since Marie Antoinette has there been such total disdain and disregard for the plight of the common man.

Financially Britain is fast becoming a Communist state. Those in employment are finding that they have little to no disposable income left after all the Government's little stealth taxes have taken their share. We may think we are in control of what goes in and out of our bank accounts every month and how much we spend but we are anything but. Wages are spent before they are even earned and we find ourselves being forced to march in protest just to get a few pennies relief on the price of a sausage roll from Greggs.

Britain does not have a history of bloody revolution and perhaps herein lies the problem. Perhaps if we had followed the example of the French and begun to behead the aristocracy in Parliament Square some 200 years ago we would not be experiencing the problems we are experiencing now.

If Britain really is a democracy then it is high time that the people get up off the couch and take control of the nation from the clutches of the uncaring, selfish and greedy, ruling elite

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Let Them Eat Turkey Twizzlers

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