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The Niqab Issue

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Oli C

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PostSubject: The Niqab Issue Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:56 am

Let me start this little blog by clearing up a common misconception held by many.

Britain is not, repeat not, a "free," country. Yes we enjoy plenty of "freedoms," but the lack of a proper written constitution, or Bill of Rights, means that our system of law and order concerns itself primarily with what we cannot do rather than what we can. No "rights" to wear a veil exist.

The issue of whether women have the right to wear the niqab in public places has featured heavily in the news recently. Last week a judge ruled that a woman testifying in court would have to remove her veil to give evidence but was permitted to wear it all other times. Today a debate as to whether NHS nurses should be permitted to wear a veil has been dominating radio talk shows.

Everyone has the right to wear whatever they like be it a veil, a suit, or even a Batman outfit. However, in the same way you would not attend a job interview in a string vest and a pair of shorts with the word juicy scrawled on your backside the people who choose the veil must accept that there may be a negative reaction to it from the people they interact with on a daily basis. You can wear a veil, but I can refuse to interact with you because of it. It's your freedm to wear it. Its my freedom to turn my back on you.

Those wearing the veil should also not expect to be exempt from the same dress codes and restrictions applicable t every other citizen f  England and Wales in areas where security is an issue. Airports, banks, courthouses, are all places where every person of every other religion must show their face of risk being refused entry. If we truly are an equal society then there should be no exemptions for those who follow Islam.

Furthermore those who wear the veil shouldn't expect an automatic right of entry to places like restaurants, cinemas, or any other public place where the management have the right, by law, t refuse entry.

This is not a racial thing. This is not even a religious thing. The niqab belongs to a culture that is foreign to the United Kingdom. Whilst the cultural need to wear a veil may be law in certain Middle Eastern countries this is not a Middle Eastern country. We live in the West and our customs and traditions have existed for many many centuries. Those choosing to immigrate to our shores cannot possibly be surprised to learn that we will take objection to anybody trying to change the way we have enjoyed life for a very long time, especially when they arrive here asking for our aid and sanctuary from oppression.

Britain has long prided itself in having a place in society for every person from every walk of life and every religion. No other faith has ever accused the British public of discrimination on the scale we see from Islam. For a Muslim to accuse Britain of racism when we object to the niqab is not only an insult but also a clear indication of gross ignorance of a long British history of helping others.
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The Niqab Issue

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