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The Crusades... A thing of the past?

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PostSubject: The Crusades... A thing of the past? Mon Sep 30, 2013 5:25 am

It always amazes me that when you're in a debate with someone about the violent nature of Islam, the counter argument used is the actions of Christians during the Crusades.

The last atrocities carried out by Christians in a crusade was hundreds of years ago, whereas the latest atrocity carried out by Muslim terrorists was.. well, this morning really! While students in Nigeria slumbered, gunmen of the  Boko Harum group burst into their dorms and proceeded to slaughter people in yet another act of barbarity that would have shamed even the Christian Crusaders of old.

I wonder at the mentality of people who, in this age of science and technology, still hold with the idea that what they are doing is what is required of them by their god. Christians lost that notion some time ago during an age of enlightenment. If the Pope ordered a new crusade now, we would all have a good laugh and shrug. Back in the day though, it was your Christian duty to rid the Holy Land of these barbarians and it was what God wanted,  and if you didn't, well you risked your immortal soul to an eternity in hellfire for failing to comply. Does any of this sound familiar? So what happened to change the views of Christians?

Just as a child believes in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, but as he or she gets older and they discover the truth about where the toys at Christmas come from and that it's really mam or dad that puts the money under the pillow when you lose a tooth, we got wise. No longer could we be conned by the learned men of the Church. We lost the mystical aspect of religion and embraced the spiritual aspect. Now we just get conned by politicians, but theres nothing mystical about that, its just human nature.

I urge Muslims to do the same. Wake up and shake off the shackles of religious dogma. It's the 21st century now. Time for peace.

PS When the killings stop, I'll lose the Crusade icons.
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The Crusades... A thing of the past?

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