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Britians Great Betrayal

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Cmd Gorttis

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PostSubject: Britians Great Betrayal Tue Oct 22, 2013 10:50 pm

Hello to you all including SLATUKIP,SLATBPS and HnH plus proxies bots, google bots and other known things that can bypass this not ever secret twitter debate page.

I will first declare this a NON RACIST DEBATE those who take it as racist are lying and twisting this debate and my own personal opinion for their own needs.

Am semi back on the old scene after a brief absence due to issues at my end.

So the reason why am back is to debate on here and put some stick about,


Upon reading this only the first few bits i said to myself WHY!?!

We have next to no jobs for our own young generation and the wage system plus price living make the ability of making ends meet nigh impossible.

For David to say "yes we grant funding to Muslim businesses" you grant MORE of them to come into OUR country to rob yet MORE jobs from OUR own young people.

To some this is a good idea NO it is not a good idea because what about this;

Our young people who are 16 - 25?
Those out of work and trying to make ends meet?
Those with families?
What about extra money for them?

What are we suppose to do work till our early deaths and let the upper classes and outsiders live better life's then us?.

This is Britain we are BRITISH people not aliens

Does the Fascist state of affairs care not for what we want?

This simply can not go on any further because before long we wont have the jobs, we wont have money and sooner or later groups like the EDL will turn to anarchy to get their points across resulting in a civil war.

Now before I close this some will take this as a illiterate debate or a racist debate then fine do so but just you known Ive already declared this a NON racist debate and if you wish to make out that it is then your wrong because it has been declared.

One last point I wish to make regarding such people

Using proxies and then openly declaring that you USED them makes your argument fall down without a stand.

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PostSubject: Re: Britians Great Betrayal Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:04 am

What race are you referring to? The only non British I saw mentioned were Muslims? Muslims are not a race ...therefore, how can your post be construed as racist by anyone but a total moron?

Put a Bible/Quran in the wind and rain, it will perish...my book is the wind and the rain.
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Cmd Gorttis

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PostSubject: Re: Britians Great Betrayal Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:06 am

Troll groups on Twitter like Slat and others dont have the mind set to understand the purpose of common sense.
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PostSubject: Re: Britians Great Betrayal

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Britians Great Betrayal

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