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Are White Girls, really that easy? By El-Guapo

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PostSubject: Are White Girls, really that easy? By El-Guapo Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:46 pm

Are white girls, in particular, really that easy? I'm not so sure...

When we read of Muslim gangs grooming young white girls we have to remember that young people, in general, tend to be naive and impressionable no matter where they come from. So why are white girls in particular targeted?

I think the answer lies in Western ideals of freedom. White girls tend to make easy targets because Western culture is more likely to place them in situations where abuse is possible. We view young teenage women in the West as young adults treading the path to independence. Compare and contrast this with young women in Middle Eastern cultures who are often not permitted to leave home without a chaperone. We promote the idea of having boyfriends and falling in love as a teenager as a healthy rite of passage whereas in the Middle East the act of sex before marriage invariably leads to a violent and bloody honour killing. We believe our women should enjoy a level of freedom unheard of in Middle Eastern culture.

However this level of freedom comes at a price.

By allowing our children to enjoy a healthy social life there is always a danger they will fall prey to sex offenders. To combat this we teach them the usual rules of never walk home alone, stay in large groups, keep your mobile switched on, and so on. These rules, however, are simply not enough. A 30 year old man is never going to have too much trouble impressing a 16 year old girl with displays of money and fast cars.

We must never blame the white girls who have been the victim of grooming for their experiences. They are not sluts. They are not easy. They did not, in any way shape or form, deserve what happened to them. There is absolutely no justification whatsoever for rape and abuse.

The people at fault are the predators taking advantage. The people to blame are the perverts who commit the crime. We must never excuse or try to explain such gross sociopathic behavior in such simple terms as "she deserved it" or "she was asking for it". No woman ever deserves or asks to be gang raped.

Islam does not view women as equal to men in society and herein lies the answer as to why it is gangs of predominately Muslim men committing these acts of grooming. In the eyes of Allah it is not a crime to rape a non believer.

If we truly value our children's safety then we must push aside any boundaries of political correctness. It is not racism to insist that your child does not interact with Muslim males. It is not racism to teach your child that Muslim males cannot be trusted because they view the infidel as little more than livestock. And it is not racism to state that the reason Islamic countries have the highest rates of rape and abuse in the entire world is because nowhere in the Koran is such atrocity frowned upon.

It is basic and necessary common sense.
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Re: Are White Girls Really That "Easy"? Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:44 pm
Excellent Oli. It isn't ever the girls fault, many from dysfunctional families. They are vulnerable, often unloved. These Muslims are adults and know exactly what they are doing...they are sick perverts and they think they can do as they please in any country they invade. Best thing to do...kick them out...send them back to the shitholes they escaped from.
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Put a Bible/Quran in the wind and rain, it will perish...my book is the wind and the rain.
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Are White Girls, really that easy? By El-Guapo

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