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How is it unpatriotic to want your country to be self-governing?

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PostSubject: How is it unpatriotic to want your country to be self-governing? Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:25 pm

How is it unpatriotic to want your country to be self-governing?

Brussels is where all the politicos go to when they are rejected by their electorate.
the problem which most of the electorate doesn´t understand though, is that these rejects are then in positions of far greater power then the MP who replaces him, and is accountable to no-one.

The EU is run by corrupt unelected bureaucrats involved in billions of euros worth of scams theft, and lies distortions and self serving self aggrandizing politicians who are in deep thrall to corrupt crony businesses and the whole filthy shebang is corrupted from top to bottom and is utterly undemocratic.

It was founded on falsehoods and self serving ambitions of those self same corrupt lying politicians who sought only personal gain and power.

None of the travails that beset Europe today would exist if those corrupt evil people had not lies and falsified everything they promoted as to what this so called Nirvana would be.

For 7 long years we have seen nothing but

Unemployment rise to record levels
Theft of whole swathes of peoples money (Cyprus)
Rampant inexplicable nonsensical bureaucracy (corruption to feed egos)
Wholesale destruction of SME’s throughout Europe ( over 45% of Greek SME’s are gone, bankrupt).
Real incomes have fallen by over 30% in Europe.
Draconian regulations have been introduced with no votes or democracy entirely aimed at saving corrupt politicians, corrupt corporations and corrupt banks
In competence is not only the norm but almost de rigor, as Europe descends into chaos.
Massive increases in suicides.
Mass family breakups as more and more are forced to fee their homes to try to find work,
200 million are impoverished in Southern Europe undergoing all the fantastic efforts of China to bring 200 million out of poverty over the last 3 decades. instead condemning almost the whole of Southern Europe to poverty and calamity

Contrary to all propaganda the situation in Europe deteriorates daily and at no time in the last 7 years has there been any sustained period of improvement of even 3 months duration. Stress, strife and riots are commonplace, criminality is on the increase and at record levels as poverty becomes rife. The enforcement by corrupt politicians who seek only power in the destruction of National Identity, sovereignty and local customs and way of life for hundreds of millions.

None of these things could have or would have occurred if these utterly incompetent and corrupt lunatics had not found the levers of power,

So just what cleggy boy is it that you find so attractive in that. Can it be that you, just like the other thieving poncing parasitic self grandstanding self serving and corrupt mob in Brussels are seeing your chances of joining them slipping.

No one, and I mean no one who is not utterly delusional, utterly sycophantic catamite of the pederasts in Brussels, the entire loony fruitcake army of dribbling europhanatics, or is also utterly congenitally corrupted or feeble minded or bought like a cheap prostitute can ever or would ever have any truck with such a vile evil empire

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How is it unpatriotic to want your country to be self-governing?

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