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Great article on the EU

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PostSubject: Great article on the EU Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:03 pm


Thursday, 16 January 2014
Why the EU is an insult to our intellect and our pride:
The European Union. Those three words provoke a plethora of emotions and thoughts. For me, however, I am quite befuddled by its title. Why is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – an island country – part of a continental club, which is far from united? When the Greek economy imploded, were the Germans united in the austerity which the birthplace of western philosophy faced? When Spain won the world cup, did Romania celebrate? When Greek fisherman poach Scottish fish, are the Scots happy?

We all know the answers to my rhetorical questions. The fact is, the EU, unlike the USA, is not underpinned by a common language, culture or national character.

Another potent fact is that the European Union is a great facade. Trying to rubber stamp the Spanish, French, British and Germans as a ubiquitous pseudo nationality is an insult to my grandfather’s efforts in World War Two. I don’t, however, deny that it had, and even still has, noble intentions.

As an idea born in the settling detritus of post-war Europe, it had some validity. By unifying Europe’s economies, war will be avoided. This is undoubtedly meritorious.

However, what the European Union ignores – at its peril – is the patriotic drive. The shambles of the Treaty of Versailles consigned many Germans going to sleep in Germany and waking up in Poland. As this was a major cause of World War Two, are we really going to allow, as patriots, our children to go to sleep as British citizens and wake up as citizens of a federal, tentacled, Franco-German dominated Euroblock?
The thought is too appalling to consider.

Going back to the title, please allow me to explain why the European Union is an insult to our intellects: the words “democratic deficit” shall resound hereafter. The European Parliament is nothing more than an impotent talking shop. Unfortunately, it is a talking shop with such corrupt and extortionate expenses that it would make the £10,346 portrait of Sir Menzies Campbell blush.

The real power of the European Union lies in the European Commission, not to mention the governments of the EU’s member states. Furthermore, the EU Commission's politicians are blatant second raters, having failed to achieve high office in their country of origin. That’s right; I’m talking about Neil Kinnock, who jumped on the EU gravy train after sensationally seizing defeat from the jaws of victory against the notable political juggernaut, John Major.

The EU’s Commission is appointed. That, of course, means it isn't elected. Yet, these appointed bureaucrats who reside in Brussels have the power to make policies which supersedes the purely democratic process of the United Kingdom.

Why should a corrupt system, corrosive to its core, replace the democratic process of the UK?

Many people think that those who are “right-wing” wish to pull out of the European Union, whilst those who are “left-wing” want to forget about our heritage in favour of a multi-cultural globalised trading Goliath. In reality, it shouldn’t be like that. I’m not referring to political parties here, but UK society: Socialists, Conservatives and all shades in between should be united in their indignation at the indelible stain that the EU is upon our noble democracy. It really isn't a political spectrum issue, it is a constitutional one, regarding our rights as members of a sovereign nation not to be immersed in a cloud of tyranny.

I, for one, am a patriot and a socialist. Being born and raised in a rich, unique and flourishing culture, which has given the world so much in the fields of science, philosophy, art and literature, I acknowledge the fact that I am who I am because I am British. It would be ridiculous to suggest that there has been no historic influence from the continent; nevertheless, influence does not a single European sovereign state make.
It may surprise many patriots that I am a socialist. However, I am a patriotic socialist: I believe in socialism in one country. I do not believe in globalisation, at all. Globalisation is the enemy of the British people – it has led to the ceding of our sovereignty, especially with regard to border control. As I don’t want to see British people exploited, I genuinely believe that at a time of economic stagnation, the last thing Britain needs is another immigration influx.

I will address this more in another article, but I don’t see how many non-patriotic socialists rectify the fact they don’t want working class people exploited with the ugly truths about immigration: firstly, that immigration inevitably puts a downward pressure on wages; secondly, that immigration puts an upwards pressure on renting.

I find it morally abhorrent that the conventional left ignore this.

Nonetheless, what is even more abhorrent is the fact that the sprawling European Union, with its tentacles and suckers ever groping at the UK’s sovereign, democratic powers, effectively controls our borders.
It can only offend our minds and our pride that a whole generation of British people have never been given the option to secede from such disgraceful tyranny. Indeed, for many conspiracy theorists out there, I am sure the EU gives them ample inspiration. What a gross injustice it is that the last referendum on Europe was held in 1975. This means that anyone under 57 has never voted in a referendum regarding British national sovereignty*.

It is, quite simply, time for the British people, irrespective of colour, creed, or political leaning to unite and oppose such corruption and tyranny.

*Not to be patronising, but for those of you with numeracy issues, the election was 39 years ago, and those participating in said election would have to have been 18 at the time. 18+39 =57.
beardedpoet at 11:47
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Great article on the EU

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