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Liberalism...The Death Bell Rings!

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Liberalism...The Death Bell Rings! Empty
PostSubject: Liberalism...The Death Bell Rings! Liberalism...The Death Bell Rings! EmptySun Oct 06, 2013 7:23 pm

@Melvapud Kerry, how coincidental that you post that link to "Liberalism: Britain’s Descent Into The Multicultural Abyss", as I have just finished a mini rant, on the same thing, from a slightly different perspective.

Here it is:

It's truly sad that the 'bleak of mind' seem to be in charge of the World; especially, since most of actually lack the REAL skills required for governance.

Is this what the Bible meant, when it said that the 'weak' shall inherit the Earth?

Weak of mind, weak of spirit, weak in integrity, weak in honour, weak in commitment to anything beyond enriching themselves - BUREAUCRATS, basically, as opposed to MEN.

I don't count bureaucrats as MEN, because I've always found them to be very much antithetical, within themselves, as to what a REAL MAN should be. More like 'weasels, than people.

I don't mean BUTCH and STRONG; though these are points to admire, too. I mean, MEN of intelligence, strong in spirit and fortitude, full of integrity, honour, and a will to protect the weak (Bureaucrats excluded), and to advance the intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social well-being of everyone in their community, locally and nationally.

The World is a now becoming a desperate place, where such men cannot be found.

Why I haven't mentioned women is, because women have gotten us into this mess.

How dare you, I hear a gazillion men and women say.

I dare, because the majority of PC concepts that have been pushed on us are from the female mind.

Some might even be good if the World was more balanced and safe.

But it isn't!

Those less well traveled than myself, for instance, tend to think in insular terms. They tend not to realize that the greater part of the World is still a rather barbaric place. That our enemies, when they come, and come they will, shall not be at all politically correct, or give a stuff about our PC concepts. They simply chop our PC heads of, and dump us in a heap, before dousing us with petrol and throwing a match on us.

We have softened too soon.

That's a HUGE part of the problems we're experiencing in Europe, in general, and in the UK, specifically.

We have enemies who cut the throat of their food, and then behead it, before they eat it; and they do it for two reasons; one is religious, and the other is to keep their hand in, and not to be squeamish. Meanwhile, we've got men who can't pick the giblets bag out of a supermarket chicken.

We have people, and this is real, who are adults, and claim to be suffering trauma, because their parents didn't buy them a bike when they were kids!

We have become so weak, that, effectively, we're just rolling over and giving up our own country, traditions, history, culture, way of life, and the future of our children, and grand children, because we think it's the PC thing to do.

One day, the PC fanatics, are going to come face-to-face with another kind of fanatic, and they're going to be very happy to know, that there are a few of us un-PC people left, to come and save them from getting their PC heads chopped of and shoved between their thighs.

http://tl.gd/n_1rpev5f · Reply

Put a Bible/Quran in the wind and rain, it will perish...my book is the wind and the rain.
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Liberalism...The Death Bell Rings!

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