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Piss Off...we're full!

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Piss Off...we're full! Empty
PostSubject: Piss Off...we're full! Piss Off...we're full! EmptyWed Oct 09, 2013 6:17 pm

Piss off, we are full!
Post  EarthsAngel on Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:15 am

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All three main parties forced their MPs to vote against the chance of our having a say about Europe

Sunday October 30,2011
By Nick Ferrari

IF YOU complained that you couldn’t get on to your train in the morning or into your favourite restaurant in the evening because they were both full up and someone said you were being racist, you would rightly tell them they were nuts.

So how is it that when it comes to complaining that this country is getting a little overcrowded you can suddenly find yourself being pointed towards the nearest BNP recruiting rally?

The vile conspiracy of inaction and muzzling that has been in place for years was finally exploded last week when the Office of National Statistics had to drastically revise its population projection statistics.

This country’s population is now growing at a rate not matched in a century and in just 16 years it will hit the totemic level of 70 million.

That, incidentally, is the figure that the last Labour government pledged would never be allowed in the forseeable future because it believed we simply could not cope.

We cannot cope with this in our schools, hospitals, housing stock, motorways, transport infrastructure and it is probable that even our water supply cannot cope.

A few years ago an eminent American professor wrote that within the next 100 years nations will go to war with each other not over land or oil but water. With our population swelling annually by about half a million, it is the equivalent of finding room for a city the size of Leicester every year.

That will make Britain the most populated nation in Europe and the south of England the most densely populated part of the Western world.

The dramatic increase is fuelled mostly by immigration and by immigrant families who have already settled here having high numbers of children.

Faced with a problem of this mind-numbing immensity what do our politicians do? They prove to be as effective as our porous borders and tell us that we need a continual supply of immigrants to work and to pay the taxes required for our ageing population.


at the same time they round on any dissenting voice and call them “Little Englanders” or racist. This is as close to treason as you can get without attempting to topple the monarchy.

We have 2.6 million unemployed in this country, many of them feckless, indolent skivers who are rewarded by our insane benefits system to do nothing but fester and fornicate. Research about the riots released this week showed many of them were busy for a few days in August when they took to the streets to loot, trash and burn their neighbourhoods.

Isn’t it amazing how a new 48in widescreen TV can soothe society’s ills?

Why not scale down immigration, and get people off their expanding tracksuit-clad backsides to do the jobs currently going to all the eager new arrivals and save ourselves a fortune?

Also, as I have said countless times, we should scrap child allowance. It was brought in after the Second World War when we needed to boost the population. The fact we now have a policy of the more you breed the more we pay is madness.

Tackling this subject on my radio phone-in show was both heart-warming and reassuring. The range of accents supporting my stand would suggest you had stepped into a meeting of the United Nations.

Callers who had originated from Albania to Zimbabwe clamoured to add their support.

So if, as successive polls regularly show, the natives want immigration tackled and if the people who have already come here want it tackled, what on earth will it take?

Sadly not the mob on the Government benches I fear.

As we are powerless to stop the influx of all Europeans as part of membership of the hated and increasingly fragmented European Union, it is going to take a radical shift in our relationship to alter this and the chance for that came at the start of last week.

However, as I predicted in last week’s column, all three main parties forced their MPs to vote against the chance of our having a say about Europe.

They might as well have baa-ed as they filed through like sheep, following their masters’ voices.

They ignore this at their peril, as the far Right is ready and is waiting to exploit our legitimate fears.

Put a Bible in the wind and the rain and it will perish; my Bible IS the wind and the rain

Put a Bible/Quran in the wind and rain, it will perish...my book is the wind and the rain.
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Piss Off...we're full!

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